Economic of Khatlon


Administrative border

There are 25 cities and districts, including 4 towns and 21 districts in the administrative and border management of the province.


The number of towns and villages in the province

There are 155 settlements (jamoats (village-level self-governing units) in towns and districts, including 22 settlements in the towns and 133 in the villages.



As of December 1, 2018 the population of the province increased to 3 million. 267,9 thousand people, 591,3 thousand people are urban population and 2 mln. 676.7 thousand people are rural population.

Including 1 million 643.8 thsd, man

Including 1 million 624.2 thsd people, woman


Gross Regional Productivity 

In 2018 the amount of regional product has estimated to 17 billion. 107,5 mln. somoni which is compare to the 2017 is 106.8%;

In the structure of gross regional product, the contribution of including industrial sectors by 21,4%, agriculture 38,6%, trade 11,4%, transportation and communication 8,2%, construction 8.8%.


Industrial Production amount 

In 2018 the amount of industrial production has reached 7.4 billion somoni and it is more than 913 million somoni compare to 2017 (growth rate is 14.3% in real prices and 11,5% in comparable prices).


Number of industrial enterprises

542 units, for this period 74 companies were established and the annual plan (63 units) was implemented by 117.5%.


Creating new jobs in the industry sector

In the newly established industrial enterprises 1101 new jobs have been created, which is 75.2% of the 2018 plan (1332 places).


Businesses that have not operated

In 2018, 49 out of 542 enterprises did not operate.


Enterprises which have lowered the amount of industrial production in 2017.

In 2018 from 542 enterprises, 126 enterprises reduced the amount of industrial production in 2017.


Payment of electricity used

Total 420.2 mln. Somoni or 82.9 %, 173.6 mln. Somoni or 88,7%. by population, - Loan balance equals for 568,6 mln. Somoni, including population 267,0 mln.


The operation of the State Administration of Land Improvement and Irrigation 

The amount of economic entities under the SALII from July 1, 2019 equals to 72 million 847,1 thousand somoni and in compare with January 1, 2018 amount have been increased to 7 million 524 thousand somoni;

  • total amount of the SALII credits compare to the January 1, 2018 has increased up to 11 mln. 744.7 thousand somoni and from the January 1, 2019 it reached 29 million 51.7 thousand TJS. Including:
  • credit from the payment of salary amounting to 186.3 thousand somoni;
  • credit from all types of taxes 17 mln. 654 thousand somoni;
  • credit from the usage of electricity 29 million 151.7 thousand somoni.


General agricultural output

In the field of agriculture in the amount of 12 billion 837 mln. Somoni product was produced which has increased up to 102,5% compared to 2017.


Implementation of the state budget

The implementation of the taxation plan, taking into account non-budget social taxes in 2018 was provided in 100.6% and 1324.7 million somoni were allocated to the budget, which is according to the plan, more than 7.8 million somoni.


Non implemented types of taxes

In 2018 according to the region 2 types of tax - value-added tax - 47.4 million somoni (84.7%) and non-budget social tax - 10.5 million somoni (96.3%) were not implemented that’s why 57,9 million somoni did not import to the budget;

In the cities and districts of the region from 1 to 6 types of taxes were not implemented, so 98,0 mln. Somoni was not allocated to the budget.


Implementation of non-budget social tax 

The non-budget social tax plan was implemented by 96,3%, with the budget amounting to 267.2 mln. Somoni which is according to the plan 10.5 million somoni less.


Implementation of the local budget 

The local budget plan for the region was implemented by 100%, and the amount of the allocated money to the budget is 1 billion. 18,9 mln. Somoni which has made TJS 2,9 million which is more than it was planned.


Balance of tax debts 

According to the preliminary report, it was 172,1 mln. TJS but compare to the first half of 2018 it has decreased to 12.4 million somoni or 6,7%.


The balance of social tax debt 

According to the preliminary report, it was 67.3 mln. Somoni, but compared to the beginning of 2018, it has decreased to 631 thousand somoni, or 1%.


Part of local budget spending 

In 2018 the budget of cities and districts was financed by 1515.7 million Somoni and 88.2% or 1336.6 million somoni of budget funds are directed to social sectors.


The amount of the wholesale and retail trade turnover and paid services

The trade turnover has reached 4 billion 860.5 million TJS, with an increase of 369.5 million Somoni or 8.2% compare to 2017.

The amount of the paid services to the population has reached 1 billion 867.2 million somoni, compared to 2017, it increased to 68.9 million somoni, with the growth of 9.8%.


Foreign trade turnover

In 2018, the foreign trade turnover reached 368.1 million dollars, including exports of 162.2 million dollars and imports of goods amounted to $ 205.9 million, correspondingly compared to 2017, exports has increased to 13,6 and imports $ 112 ,0 million.


The number of foreign investment

In the economic and social sectors of the region 30 public investment projects were implemented, with a total of US $ 416.6 million.

In the sphere of economics of cities and districts of the province, total investment of $ 1.6 billion, including direct foreign investment in the amount of $ 1.4 billion were implemented, and only in 2018 the direct investments has reached USD 73.9 million. The most foreign investment areas are Dangara, Yavan and Kushan districts


The Construction Sector

In 2018, from all the sources of funds for 2 billion 662.4 million Somoni, construction and installation works for 1 billion 458.9 million TJS, contracted operations amounted to 943.5 million Somoni were implemented and total amount of 493.1 million TJS's basic funds were put into operation.

239 units of construction and non-production buildings amounted to 287.2 million somoni, as well as more than 1686 residential buildings in the area of 216.0 thousand square meters were constructed and commissioned in the region.


Festive Projects

For the 30th Anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, 6060 objects are planned for the construction out of them 1163 objects should be implemented in 2018.


Transport Sector

In 2018, the amount of carriages has reached 22.0 million tons and the amount of passengers transfers has reached 84.4 million people, which is has increased to 2.27 and 8.9% by 2017.


Reconstruction of the highways

At the expense of all sources of funding for 55.6 million Somoni, 3664.2 kilometers of roads of the region were reconstructed. In particular, with over 38.6 million Somoni funded by the entrepreneurs and population have been reconstructed 124.3 kilometers, 61.8 kilometers fully repaired, 25 bridges with length of 421 meter have been reconstructed, 52 pipes with length of 358 meters were restored and reconstruction of 415, 3 km roads have been finished.



There are 1342 educational institutions in the region;

305 of them need to be reconstructed, 12 of them are in the private houses and 5 more are in the public places; 322 in total;

Number of students reach 729061;

Number of teachers reach 43888;

Non-specialized teachers working with general secondary education reach1664 people, the ones who continue to study in higher and middle schools;

There are 142 preschools, and 65 of them need to be reconstructed;

Number of children reach 15482 people



Number of medical institutions totaled 1612 units

The number of hospitals reach 114, 3 of them are in the emergency condition and 49 need to be reconstructed;

Total number of beds reach11129 units;

Number of primary health care providers in Khatlon region reaches 1091, 32 of them are in the emergency condition and 180 need to be reconstructed;

Number of doctors reach 3671;

Average medical staff reach 17493 people.


Social Protection 

Average salary in the region is equal to 900.7 somoni and in compare with 2017 increased by 6.7%. (This indicator is in the mining industry - 2001.4 somoni, the processing industry - 1443.5 somoni, energy - 1943.2 somoni, construction - 1304.7 and utilities - 1022,0 somoni.)

The number of pensioners in the region reaches 239,9 thousand and their average monthly paid is up to 259 somoni, after the 1 September 2018 increased the amount of pensions to 297 somoni (+38 somoni).


Population Employment and Migration

In 2018, 43610 new jobs were created, including 11020 by legal entities and 32590 by private individuals (84,3%), from the 280 vacancies exhibitions, 2881 person found working place, 5734 citizens were engaged in other kind of works.

Number of registered unemployed in January-November 2018 totaled 16818 people, including 8520 women, and youth from 15 to 29 years old - 11681;

In 2018 the number of migrants reached 218239, men 192501, and 25738 women.



The total number of the buildings in this sector is 879, out of which 15 are under the emergency condition and the other 50 needs to be repaired.


Sports facilities

There are 3841 sports facilities in the region, with 1 sports complex, 51 sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and 10 sports halls were built in 2018.

Also the construction of 80 gyms and 300 sports playing grounds are planned by the celebration of the 30th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, and the construction in 35 sports facilities and 88 sports playing grounds have already been started.

In 2018 the sportsmen of the region participated in 132 republican and international competitions, won 582 gold, 564 silver and 821 bronze medals and in total they won 1967 medals, which is 105 medals more compare to 2017.


Religious associations 

There are 1749 religious unions, including 1734 mosques and 15 non-Muslim religious organizations in the region;

The total number of mosques, 19 are the central mosques, 118 are local mosques and 1592 are mosques for five time praying.


Activity in regulation of traditions and ceremonies

During 2018 in cities and districts of the province, 53134 public events were held, including:

  • wedding 50656;
  • charitable weddings 184
  • general expenditures for the events and ceremonies reach 187,4 mln. somoni;
  • medium fee for one campaign is 3699 somoni;
  • weddings

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